About me

Hello, my name is Lesly, I’m a 38 years old french Purple belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu “student”. I’ve discovered this sport in France (at the end of 2012) a bit too late I regret.

I’ve completely fallen in love with this sport! I’ve practiced various martial arts in my life: Viet Vo Dao, Aikido, Krav Maga, etc… But I’ve never truly appreciated any of them. Firstly because there are no competitions and if there are they just about to perform some abstracts kata to some judges.

So, when I’ve discovered Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and being able to fight at 100% without risk to injured my opponent (plus the many competitions organized everywhere), I’ve immediately been enthusiastic about it.

My job allows me to work from anywhere so, I basically travel the world and visit different clubs with different professors.

This blog is a logbook. I write about my experience as a student. My expectations, disappointments, injury, nutrition, basics etc..

Of course, I am not a professional fighter, I give here my impressions and my own ideas about BJJ. As you will see, my English is very basic. I’ve hesitated a lot if I had to write in French or in English…

Finally, during my travels I speak in English (same in the clubs I visit) so, I will continue with this blog. Plus, the French community of BJJ is still small and I think I can get more interactions in English than in French.

Well, I hope you’ll enjoy my blog, good reading.

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