20 and 21 april,  the Checkmat Bordeaux team participate to the French BJJ Championships, Gi and No Gi, with our professor Joao Ferraz.

Unfortunately Alexis (Black clothe on the picture) and me, cannot participate. Me because I broken one of my foot fingers and Alexis because he is registered to late ><.. So participate ; Joao (Brown belt, 75kg) and Julien (White belt, 85kg). Both win the Bronze ! YAY.

In Jiu Jitsu, tournaments are very important for many things. You can roll with great fighters and learn new technics. You also can build a team cohesion that is very important for a BJJ club, for the exemple, for the spirit. And, most of all, you develop your psychology on the tatami. Running a combat on tournaments is not for everyone, you need to know some technics, ok, cardio for sure but if you have both of them and not the mental.. You going to fail.

Anyways, this competition is the greatest in France (where the BJJ are not famous like Judo) and year after year we can see a biggest number of attendee and it’s very positive. I hope I can participate for the next round and win in my category (White belt 88kg), Oss!

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