When you train BJJ or another martial art at the competition level or more than 4 times per week, you need to get into a proper diet and proper supplements, because your body is going to ask for energy, a lot of energy, and you can’t go with any kind of food if you want to be effective.

The first thing I learn is that “Professional athletes know how to cook“. If you want to be in good health you have to understand what is bad for you, what is good and how to cook it! So if you are not able to make this change in your lifestyle you can pass on the article ;).

I will not go too far on diet and nutrition because first, I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist and second because you can get all the resources you need online. I just going to explain what I choosing.

I choose to apply a low carb diet program with one crazy day per week. The low carb diet is not new, it’s used in weight loss programm for a long time now. I don’t want to enter in the debate about this or that diet program is good or bad. Everyone is different and need specific diet and my best recommandation is to talk to a sport nutritionist if you don’t know what is good or not for you. I personally try a different approach and this one is the best for me.

How it’s work? Simple, you need to follow 5 rules:

  1. Avoid “white” carbohydrates.
    Bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and grains.
  2. Eat the same few meals over and over again.
    Especially for breakfast and lunch.
  3. Don’t drink calories.
  4. Don’t eat fruit.
    Avocado and tomatoes are okay + Banana after training.
  5. Take one day off per week and go nuts.

See, it’s not complicated. To that, I added tree other rules:

Oh yes, I forget to tell you that I’m also vegetarian. Which mean basically that my first protein intake come from eggs than I take in the morning with a steam vegetable like broccoli and beans. But It’s just one of the many other sources of protein you can get.

The supplements part?

Like for the diet, I’m not a professional but what I know for sure is that I don’t want to put chemical stuff in my body! So, what I do is before training I take an organic hemp protein shake and after training glutamine and banana. That’s it, nothing else. I believe that with a good diet you get everything you need.

Some interesting links:

That my way to do it and I’m curious about yours? What did you do?

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