It’s hard for me to keep my training regular because I travel a lot ! Now I’m a blue belt but I feel my level is not so good and I could be much better. For me I have not assimilated correctly the very basics of BJJ. So my first plan was to train with a friend and roll some drills but in Germany I can’t find anybody who has time to train at the same time than me.

My second plan was to ask my professor here to create a special class for beginners ^^. And he did it finally ! Many peoples go there but it has started only a few months before I’m leaving. So, I just went there 3 or 4 times.

And, finally here my ultimate plan ! I’m going living in Thailand for a minimum period of one year, working part time as a graphic designer and part time as a humanitarian with Omakua. I spend some time on internet looking where I can train in Thailand. And, I find the Phuket Top Team with a perfect training program for me. Named “White belt to blue belt“. It’s a 3 months camp with Olavo Abreu (3rd degree black belt) ! You train 2 times a day, 5 days a week. So it’s big but I feel I need this.

The thing is, like I said a few month ago, I got my blue belt now.. So I can’t participate to the “camp” but I can train with them anyway, so I guess it’s okay.

I know than many peoples think this is a bad way to get graduated.. Seriously ? After training 3 months two time per days with a 3rd black belt? I think is just about “ego” to think this is the wrong way. Professor Abreu has a reputation in BJJ. He worked in Abu Dhabi for 8 years – setting up the now famous Abu Dhabi Combat Club & Championships. These are his victories:

  • Brazilian Champion 1998
  • Rio De Janeiro Champion 1999-2000
  • 1st Place International Champion 2000
  • 3rd Place Brazilian Champion 2000
  • 2nd Place Brazilian Champion 2001
  • 2nd Place World Champion 2004
  • 2nd Place World Champion 2005

So, I think he had nothing to prove to anyone.

Anyway, my goal is to get a correct level for a blue belt. Get some cardio and cut my weight. Next year going back in Europe and get some medals, YAY !

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