Okay, first you have to know that this gi is 100% IBJJF competition illegal because the two-tone blue and gray. So, I use this from 3 months now and I want to share with you my feeling about it.

  • 475gsm pearl weave cotton top
  • 100% cotton superior quality ripstop trousers
  • Athletic cut (same cut as the Scramble Athlete)
  • 1,795kg for my A3

This is a light gi. You get a standart armpits reinforcements and cool patchs (six on the Gi and 3 on the pant). Off course I can spend a lot of time to describe all the part of this gi but you know what ? Except for the pant, It’s a gi like every others ^^. I say exept for the pant because he come with a very “slim” cut compared to others pants.

The pants are 100% cotton and made with  rip stop. He fit very slim compared to the most others pants on the market. This is a very strong pant, the first impression can be weird because you feel more streight inside but it’s okay after 10 mins.

Here some close pictures:

It’s a nice gi, very different from the “regulars” and if you want a new one just for training, you can go with no problems ! He is very strong. I washed it many times and it never budge even a millimetres. Even the times I got the wrong temperature to 60C°.

You can check it directly on Scramble website.