Okay, now the Warm Up! Again all clubs have their own habits, but in any case it is an extremely important part of any workout. Many practitioners agreed on the fact that Warm Up time should average 15 minutes. This literally is used to heat your muscle and increase your heart rate to start training without risking you hurt a muscle.

There are many different exercises to perform during a Warm Up. For Jiu Jitsu, there are specific movements like :

And other movement often derived from Crossfit like :

Here’s a little Warm Up to perform 10 times on each side :

  • Switch base from knees and elbows
  • Stand up – open guard
  • Sit up over foot – “rocking chair”
  • Defensive stand up – stand up in base
  • SIde break falls
  • Step overs (on back)
  • Straight bridges
  • Side bridges to knees
  • Hip bump or “fan” sweep
  • Sit ups in guard
  • Push ups

Of course, you can also customize your Warm Up has your practice Jiu Jitsu, it is up to you. In any case it must go through a Warm Up before training even when you are 20 and after 3 push up you think you can start a fight ^ ^.

Very good article from the jiu jitsu lab here, more documented than mine.