UPDATE 2017: CMU BJJ is no more. Now you have 3 BJJ gym you can train at in Chiang Mai Chiang Mai BJJ – CNX Fight Fit – Chiang Mai BJJ and Team Quest.

Already 6 months in Chiang Mai! Damned, the time pass really fast. Anyway, some of you ask me where I’m training in CM because the only gym is Team Quest and no one seeing me there ^^.

Well, I train at the CMU (Chiang Mai University), that why! When I arrive in CM, Team Quest have no professor, the price was too expensive and they not answer my mail, so I’ve looked for something else. I’ve finally found that a bunch of BJJ guys get a deal with the CMU Judo team for using the mat when they don’t. So, for 300 baths per year* (yes, per year) you can get your CMU membership and train there. At CMU you have some resident like Jorgen (BJJ Brown belt) and David (BJJ Purple and Judo black belt) plus a lot of other guys, white to purple with different kind of levels.

Capture d’écran 2015-12-12 à 10.45.55

The group can only by found trough Facebook, that why it’s taking me a long time to find it ><. But it’s worth it! You can train every day! Just ask on the group who want to roll and you are good to go. Jorgen or David drive class sometimes too.

So, to find the mat it’s easy (when you know it). You have to go in CMU Gymnasium:

Capture d’écran 2015-12-12 à 10.46.16

When you get there, go inside and turn on the left after the small coffee shop.

That it! It’s not a proper club/gym with regular class and regular professor but it’s cost a fraction of any other gym pricing I know in Thailand and you get a lot of BJJ Traveler like me for rolling, and that awesome. So if you are on a budget and if you want to train BJJ in Chiang Mai, you are very welcome here!

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